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Value Stream Mapping Consultancy & Training.
Process Improvement through Mapping.

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Mapping is a powerful multi-disciplinary tool for process improvement.

Whether you want to create a value stream map of your shop floor or swim lane map your office processes it all starts with brown paper & post-it notes.

Value Stream Mapping

Mapping isn’t just about solving problems.

A Value Stream Mapping project brings individuals from all levels & backgrounds in a business together where they can share their knowledge and learn from each other.
Any process can be mapped – see our Past Projects section.

Value Stream Mapping – Lean Lines UK
Value Stream Mapping – Lean Lines UK

Looking to the future

Producing a vision of the future state.

The outcome from a mapping exercise is a vision of the future state and a concise set of actions of how to get there. That can be where our involvement ends or we can take it a step further and guide you through your Lean implementation.

Lean Lines UK can help you understand the issues within your Value Streams, then develop and implement solutions.

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